Anbei eine Aufstellung von aktuellen Beiträgen, die sich mit dem sicheren Datenaustausch beschäftigen

The case for building a data-sharing culture in your company

UK government ends one of its data-sharing contracts with Palantir

RARE-X and C-Path Establish New Collaboration for Rare Disease Data Sharing

Ensuring the success of data sharing in Canada

The Full Picture of Safety Operations with Data Sharing

Introducing Android’s Private Compute Services

Intelligent cloud manufacturing platform for efficient resource sharing in smart manufacturing networks

INTERPOL emphasizes need for more biometric data sharing to tackle terrorism

Ford to share drivers’ data with insurers through LexisNexis

Australia’s agriculture sector is banding together to build a supply chain data exchange

Snowflake targets financial services with its first industry-specific data cloud

Domänenübergeifender Datenaustausch

How Intel is securing patient data through its pandemic response initiative

Big Tech giants keen to harness India’s farm data

Reference Data Models – Data Modelling with reuse of ready-to-use building blocks

Data Exchange Platform Services Market Proceeds To Witness Huge Upswing Over Assessment Period by 2030

Data Sharing Mechanism of Sensors and Actuators of Industrial IoT Based on Blockchain-Assisted Identity-Based Cryptography

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