Tailored data-driven “Digital Agriculture” solutions bring about many benefits. However, there are also challenges related to complicated data access needs in the farm-to-fork chain. Farm-specific data are mostly locked in by the first-mover companies. This prevents farmers from switching to a better or cheaper alternative. This also hinders agricultural data-driven innovation due to unanswered access seekers. Moreover, already powerful players build exclusive data exchange clusters that further exclude small rivals and other access seekers. Also, upstream input producers have exclusive control over their products’ performance data, which generates critical advantages for their downstream data-driven services. These conditions endanger the digital agriculture sector and bring about the risk of reflection of the oligopolistic upstream players in this new sector. This paper explores the adequacy of EU competition law enforcement to address the ag-data access-related concerns – hoping to contribute to the sectoral literature that is currently dominated by regulation-centred discussions.

Quelle: Addressing data access problems in the emerging digital agriculture sector

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